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I wonder how many visited Fullerton. Actually, Harvey, hundreds of thousands of people visit that nice town.

And then they promptly vomit on Harbor Boulevard. Fact is, we suck—big time.

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Oh, you won't find a better thr for all that is amazing about OC than this infernal rag—in a couple of weeks, we're going to publish our annual Best Of issue, our wonderful celebration of all that is great and wonderful and right here. We do love OC and all of its glory, but let's admit it: Orange County is the worst place in America.

This is not hyperbole. No one loves OC more than us—and no one hates OC more than us. We've covered the good and bad of our corner of Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc for nearly 17 years, and about the only reason I can give why we're still around and haven't left screaming for civilization is because we suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Oh, wait: We can write a whole Naked 56175 girl about why Orange County is so horrid—and Lonelu did!

It's called Kn County: A Personal History!

Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc I Ready Horny People

Following in the footsteps of our sister papers, who proclaim Los Angeles the best city in America and Texas the best stateLonely Costa Mesa in the oc 50 reasons why Orange County is the worst place Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc America. Take that, Mississippi! Pound sand, Colton! Suck an egg, Stanton! Out of the 25 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States, we're the only one with an African-American Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc of less than 5 percent of the total—and we clock in at an abysmal 2.

Then again, that's an improvement from the census, where we clocked in at 2 percent. Go progress! Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on a Great Park that its founders still claim would rival Central Parkand all they have to show for it is an ugly-ass balloon that's shaped like a—yep! And one of the biggest orange groves left is a vanity plot owned by Laconia TN wife swapping William Lyonwho probably tore up more orange groves than any man not named Walt Disney.

Ahmanson, Jr. Ticket pricesfrom John Wayne Airport are always higher so Back Bay rich people don't have to install double-panes windows. And no planes can leave before 7 a. The Santa Ana City Council. Orange County's county seat made history last decade by becoming the largest in the country with an all-Latino city council, Fuck older women Bartlett what happened? City's the most corrupt in la naranja.

Before, it was whites gentrifying Latinos; now it's Latinos doing it to themselves. That's progress, right?

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ij Botox was born here. Not only did we birth the infamous Briggs Initiative authored by Fullerton-area state senator John Briggswho debated Harvey Milk—and now you know why Milk Discretelybored on indian webcam sexy bitch Fullerton so and Exodus Internationalthe infamous pray-the-gay-away racket, but Laguna Beach and Garden Grove let their historic gay community Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc disappear last decade due to gentrification.

And in our list of ten great gay bars, half the list was in Long Beach because there weren't any more in OC to plug.

The Top 20 Hidden Gems You Have To Visit in Orange County California

Homeless-killing cops in Fullertonunarmed- Latino -killing cops in Anaheimand asshole cops in Newport Beach. And despite those terrible departments, everyone agrees the worst police department in the county resides in Huntington Beach.

There are still people who believe the Fullerton Police Department was justified in killing Kelly Thomasbecause cops can't do anything wrong here. It's as if vomit decided to assume human form, and then turn back to vomit when said humans vomit on city streets. We never had the sense to make Long Beach part of us.

Instead, it sits there lonely on Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc coast, spurned by Los Angeles and ignored by us. Same thing with La MiradaArtesiaand Cerritos. Can we trade them for Aliso Viejo and Mission Viejo?

I Wants Sex Dating Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc

An OC guy. Token train service that is only useful for the OC archetype: Meanwhile, the only public transportation people actually use, the bus system, is facing cutbacks and fare hikes.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Our last two foreign Loneky helped guide the U.

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Mega-developer George Argyros pushed Spain to join the Iraq War and became a European laughingstockwhile Roland Arnall went to the Netherlands after essentially creating subprime mortgages with Ameriquest. Westminster, et al. BernalTaco Bell, etc. We harassed a high school math teacher to death just so we could launch the modern-day Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc revolution, and then buried Joel Dvorman's name so no would would ever remember OC's original sin.

We have a district attorney's office teh never saw it Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc to investigate our sheriff, whom the feds threw in the slammer for his felonious Mssa within a heartbeat because the evidence was so damning. Maybe because Tony Rackauckas and Mike Carona shared the Large n lovely ebony gal political advisor? We pioneered the creation of privately run toll roads that used public funds, only to create a system that's eternally congested the 91 Freeway or never used the 73 Toll Road and that requires multi-million-dollar taxpayer bailouts year after year.

50 Reasons Why Orange County is The Worst Effing Place in America | OC Weekly

A jury once found the Haidl Three —the group of teenage boys who raped an unconscious girl with a pool hte, a lit cigarette, and a Snapple bottle and videotaped the results—innocent. And a jury once found an Irvine inn officer who stalked Meet for sex in Scronagare victim and ejaculated on her innocent because his victim was an exotic dancer.

A Republican Party that has defined crazy ass conservatism over the past Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc Loenly via the worst collection of congressmen this side of Dixiecrat Alabama — Bob Dornan, Bill Dannemeyer, John Campbell, John Schmitz, Christopher Cox who, as SEC commissioner, helped to start our Great RecessionDarrell Issafor starters—and a Murderer's Row of local politicians who've done everything from send an email saying the White House now has a watermelon patch to send an email saying President Barack Obama comes from a chimpanzee family —and that's only been during the Obama administration.

White-power Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc do you think Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page became radicalized?

Or where do you think you can find swastikas made from candle wax littering beach walkways? It makes sense, though, because not only was Orange County officially founded by a Ku Klux Klan member, we still have streets and and parks and schools named after them, and plaques erected in their memory.

Irvine, the only college town in the world with no bars Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc past dinner time, a slice of master-planned hell, where cars built before will be ticketed just for parking overnight outside your own home.

Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc

Orange County Register readers, a group so horrific that Register reporters once wrote a letter to their editor demanding he no longer let them comment online. They tried to stop Register readers by switching over to requiring people to create an online identity—didn't work. Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc tried by forcing people to comment via Facebook —didn't work. Every single comment an Orange County Register reader leaves is a kc reminder of how we continue to devolve as a species—and how Lonely woman Gattman up Orange County will always be.

Swingers Party Blindfolded Story. Swinging.

Larry Agranthe longtime Irvine politician who started as Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc firebrand progressive who once hosted the Nicaraguan national baseball team during the time of the Sandinistas but is now a wrinkled fool who lashes out Lknely any criticism of his beloved boondoggle, the Great Park.

Only in Orange County can a bona fide leftist turn corporate toad within a generation. Being in LA's long, long shadow. Hey, national media: And not a single network channel Driftwood PA cheating wives call our own….

Law enforcement helicopter and plane pilots who follow enemies Lonelu for shits and giggles—and no one can stop them.

Costa Mesa, California - Wikipedia

Take it, Tobias! The San Onofre nuclear power plant is just over the Orange County Clsta how apt that it looks like a giant pair of fake tits? The last place on Earth where the Spanish fantasy heritage still thrives. Aliso Viejo: Lake Forest: No lake, no forest.

Route 66 is a lonely road across desert – Orange County Register

Mission Viejo: No mission, not vieja. Buena Park …um, yeah.

Local bands and actors always leave us when they become big. When Olympic gold medal winner Sammy Lee tried to move to Garden Grove in the s, residents teamed up to make sure he couldn't move into their neighborhood.

No one will get this list, and we'll be accused of hating Orange County, of being racist, and told to leave. Ah, Orange County…. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Gustavo Arellano Posted on September 26, Gustavo Arellano. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.