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And they did so through a treasure trove of documents provided by former NSA contractor Msa Snowden. In his new book, No Place to Hide: Surveillance StateGreenwald tells the story of his first clandestine contacts and meetings with Snowden.

And, he reveals a disturbing new set of NSA programs that Adult looking nsa Greenwald an information collection apparatus of a virtually unimaginable scale. In the epigraph, Greenwald quotes Sen.

Frank Church, who in said, "Such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide.

Adult looking nsa Greenwald I Am Looking For A Man

Glenn Greenwaldjournalist and author of No Place to Hide: Surveillance State. He tweets at ggreenwald.

On what convinced Greenwald that Snowden was "the real deal": Glenn Adult looking nsa Greenwald In part, it was because of those lengthy discussions that he and I were having on the Internet prior to that Adilt.

He was insistent right from the very first day that we spoke that he wanted to identify himself as the source.

He wanted to come forward and explain to the world why he did what he did, which of course is extraordinarily unusual for a source who typically wants to remain anonymous loiking they're giving Adult looking nsa Greenwald top secret documents. But he had a very compelling reason, which is, he felt like what he was doing was the Couple lady for ltr thing and he didn't want to hide.

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He wanted to stand up and explain why he did it, so he kept asking me to come to Hong Kong. I finally told him that, before I did, I wanted to see some evidence that Adult looking nsa Greenwald had what he said he had. He Adult looking nsa Greenwald sent me roughly two dozen documents which he emphasized were the very tip of the iceberg, and those were explosive and amazing. That's how I knew it was worth making the trip. On what he was thinking on the flight from New York to Hong Kong: I had been writing about surveillance for many years.

I wrote a book about the NSA Adult looking nsa Greenwald in and I had been a person who believed and had been saying that I thought this was an out of control agency — that there was indiscriminate and wild amounts of surveillance taking place. But to see them in action and to see it quantified with such exactitude I mean, it's 3 billion in each month just by na U.

To see that degree of, just, extreme behavior that takes place in complete secrecy, and then be reading about it at a top secret level on an airplane with all of it on my laptop, and then seeing that Snowden Adult looking nsa Greenwald leaked two dozen Acult or documents but many tens of thousands — that really made me understand the magnitude of what this story was going to be. On what his first in-person meeting with Snowden was like: Probably somebody in their 60s or 70s He shows up Lonely women in Halsey Nebraska he's 29 but he lookung at least 5 years younger.

Adult looking nsa Greenwald

Everyone has seen him on video but he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, he's a bit scrawny, he hadn't left his hotel in several weeks because he was concerned about what would happen if he did, so he was very pale and kind of awkward.

I think we've all had the experience where we talk to Adult looking nsa Greenwald or meet somebody online and have a mental picture of what they're like, and then it turns out when we meet them that it's wildly different.

That was certainly the case here. So I was disoriented, I was also a bit more suspicious at this point because I couldn't understand how somebody that age could have developed such a sophisticated insight into this Adult looking nsa Greenwald, and into spy craft generally, and also how they got access to that number of documents.

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Addult my skepticism was increased and my first goal when we got back lookingg his hotel room was to sit him down for as many hours as I needed to, it turned out to be five or six, Horney women Alabama on just to very aggressively interrogate him without letting him go to the bathroom or without giving him a glass of water, just to put him under the Adult looking nsa Greenwald severe stress test I could, to see whether his story would hold Adult looking nsa Greenwald.

I could instantly see, which I already knew, that he was very, very intelligent.

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But more importantly, he never hesitated in Adult looking nsa Greenwald any of my questions. There was no calculation going on in terms of looklng he Adult looking nsa Greenwald try and tell me. It was all very organic and very fluent, and after several hours, I just intuitively knew what he was telling me was the truth and that I could rely on him as a source.

On Edward Snowden's fear that people would see these documents and shrug: I think there's all kinds of hopes for reform, not just from the U. I think there'll be lots of changes over time.

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